Release for surgery

Internal preoperative examination is required in advance of almost every planned operation to reduce the operation and anaesthetic risks.

A chest x-ray, an ECG, a routine laboratory test and an internal clinical examination are carried out as basic examinations. Additional examinations might be necessary in some individual cases.

If you have any preliminary findings, please bring them to the preoperative examination.
All required examinations can be made directly in our MED-22 health centre otherwise.

Plase bring also a list of all prescribed medicines. If you take anticoagulants (Aspirin, Thrombo Ass, HerzAss, Marcoumar, Sintrom, …), please take into consideration that you will have to pause taking them before the operation. During the intermission a therapy with heparin injections is required.

Please come to your preoperative examination in due time, thus we can arrange an ideal therapy schedule for you.